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Recommended 25 Amazing Indoor Water Features – Discover New Ideas


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indoor water features
have many kind of different types. This post will give you the best design currently available out there! We put together many models with some of the most outrageous picture around the internet. Select your favorite design in Recommended 25 Amazing Indoor Water Features
– Discover New Ideas


You can make use of natural sunlight
Water features are even more beautiful when they have sunlight shining through their water streams. It gives off the impression that you are bonding with nature, while being caressed by light. For some cultures, this is thought to be the link with the spiritual world, while for others water is one of the sacred four elements and having it close means blessing of the gods.
Remember that the Greeks used to worship the god Poseidon who ruled the seas and the oceans, while Romans worshiped Neptune, the Roman god of water. The Ancient people had respect for water and light and more than 3000 years later, people still respect the sacred elements.

Pond plants are really affordable
Larger water features and fountains can be enhanced with pond plants that serve as natural decorations. Water lettuce is a popular floating plant, as are water lilies, plus the costs are very low. And the best part is that you can do to the seashore and pick up small water plants such as smaller types of sea corals and even sea weed. Among the most popular sea weeds are the brown and green sea weed, also known as algae. But for a drop of color, you can also go for red or yellow sea weed, easily turning your fountain or pond into a natural underwater rainbow.
Remember to add salt, sugar and vitamins in the water, from time to time. Plants are living organisms, as well. And they need a lot of sunlight, so make sure they get plenty of it.

Water makes the yard look bigger
The reflective properties of water mean it can make some spaces look bigger. For maximum reflection you should use dark material for the feature or fountain. If you really want to make the most of your new creation, you can use underwater lighting for night time in different colors and shapes. You can also use eco lights that charge from the sun during the day and light the garden during the night. It gives off a splendid calming effect that can be used in nature therapies and can relieve stress and anxiety.

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