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25 Epic Water Fountain Decoration Ideas – Grow New Creativity


Excelent creativity meet with good taste of design made up this design.

Maximise your ideas with this water fountain decoration ideas
. This post will give you the best image currently available out there! We gather many images with some of the most beautiful design around there. Enjoy our collection of 25 Epic Water Fountain Decoration Ideas
– Grow New Creativity


You can make use of natural sunlight
Water features are even more beautiful when they have sunlight shining through their water streams. It gives off the impression that you are bonding with nature, while being caressed by light. For some cultures, this is thought to be the link with the spiritual world, while for others water is one of the sacred four elements and having it close means blessing of the gods.
Remember that the Greeks used to worship the god Poseidon who ruled the seas and the oceans, while Romans worshiped Neptune, the Roman god of water. The Ancient people had respect for water and light and more than 3000 years later, people still respect the sacred elements.

It allows you to create a natural habitat for fish
If you want to bring some more life into the ponds and fountains in the back yard, you can go for fish. While koi fish will need a fairly large amount of space for them to swim around in, gold fish work just as well and are a lot more affordable for smaller ponds. Of course, take into consideration that these small marine animals need clean waters all the time, algae and pond plants and of course, food. They usually feed on specific fish food you can find in any pet store. Another thing to consider is large animals: if you have cats or dogs, they might kill the fish out of play or curiosity. So if you are a pet lover, think twice before buying fish, as they won’t have long lives to live among cats and dogs, unfortunately.

Water introduces serenity into your garden
A fountain creates a tranquil sound, which is ideal if you live in a noisy neighborhood or in the city. Think of it as your place to recreate yourself and to become one with nature. There are many water therapies, mostly taking place in the mountain side or seaside, near bigger amounts of water such as seas, oceans and rivers. But if you want to have a piece of heaven near your body and your mind, surely a pond or fountain in your own garden can make your dream come true. For an extra therapy effect, you can even plant perfumed flowers that bloom at night.

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