Regardless of all the outward changes that take place on a regular basis, this longing was constant for the most simplest expression.

How incredible that the anchor that was given was lighter than the vapor that passes through this incredible vessel, yet heavier than the mass of the Earth itself.

Your lightness is the effervescence of the sweetness of life’s most beautiful process. Behind your actions and expressions over a lifetime is this longing for me to recognize, the source of love that emanates from within me. 

Like a romance that has the electricity of a first kiss, how did you do your magic so I can feel this bliss? Not only for a moment, but for a lifetime. 

I trust you not because I believe in you, rather I love you because you have allowed me to know.

So from this day I hold this gift you were kind enough to bestow a most amazing feeling without which nothing would have been aglow.

This spark, this fire has only been made ablaze by your love. Burn away any obstacles between you and me because my longing is to be free. 

I choose with my little understanding to hold my precious light and behold whatever comes forth. 

How incredible, this is all a living gift!

You have entrusted me with such a key how can I ever thank you? Today once again an opportunity to renew and reaffirm what my heart has always wanted, to be with you. 

I need not convince anyone of anything because this wellspring is your blessing. I accept. I acknowledge. With this as my beginning a heart that is glistening from listening to its melody.

How can I help but not see the majesty of this existence. The greatest gift of gifts which is knocking at my door.

                                                                                                                                                                               Atul Ranchod


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