The Humble One

The rose has had it’s turn in prose. The thorns have made their point as well.

All the while the most prominent character without which none of the other two could exist silently does what is needed. Nature’s true testimony to humility is personified in it’s very fabric.

So beautifully paired, the springboard from whatever is planted so shall it bare. This illusive character is none other than dirt itself.

We are so far removed from our true state due to our ignorance, that we look upon our very composition without comprehending the meaning of it’s existence. 

However, if we calibrate our eyes we would marvel at what belies. By just digging a little deeper to be consumed by awe and wonder of what is contained in the core of this matter. 

If the lesson can be taken from nature’s classroom, the vast richness in colors, textures, and aromas can be traced back to what was planted within the confines of this dirt. 

That the seasons will come, and weeds will abound obstacles will surely exist. 

But if the focus is placed on what is worthy of your attention, you will realize that understanding is not static. It evolves just as who you are today you weren’t yesterday.

So subtle is this transformation happening each and every day. Perhaps a slight variation in our perception could leave a lasting impression: Dive Inside Realize Truth.

Look again and realize something as regal as life itself has chosen these particles of matter. It houses in it the most sublime, a direct path to your Divine.

                                                                                                                                                                        Atul Ranchod



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