Inner Silence

Vulnerability has pillars of strength the mind can not fathom.

Just like six trillion cells powered by this wind more delicate than a butterfly. Because it’s so seamless it’s difficult to recognize.

As you draw closer to a bird, so too that inside one which is ever so delicate, awaits your slowing down. In that moment of utter silence and complete awareness you can be caught in the most amazing feeling.

Because it continues day and night relax a little. There’s no need to put up a fight. Love is your composition. It is in and all around you always.

What a thrill no know that someone showed you what you are really made of. In that acceptance lies your miracle. No more. No less. It is so incredibly simple. Being vulnerable is your portal to existence.

No one can hurt a heart that is open because it can cover more than an ocean. So take pride in who you are. You are a citizen of this occasion where labels will never measure the depths of your inner most passion. 

Because now you are at the cusp of really living.

                                                                                                                                                                          Atul Ranchod


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