The adventure of a new day emerges out of the illusion of darkness. That giant furnace has allowed for the cold dark night to invite sleep. Rest and repair that is the theme. This darkness is also a gift given by the sun.

Perhaps just like that rotation is a clue to always see that life giving sphere anew. From that crisp night air the slow transition begins; the black sky changing ever so slightly into various shades of blue.

When the moment is right, the shy sun peeks into the dawn. Illuminating, enlightening, and radiating with liquid gold. Once again a new opportunity to wipe the slate clean and begin.

Invite your light by whatever means possible. Just like that furnace is front and center in this solar system, so too it is within you.

That light is waiting to ignite and radiate it’s splendor within. The rotation is similar to the sun. 

Perhaps as simple as without to within.

Now you are ready to begin. So with a smile on your face coming from such a place the sun reflects back your very own radiance. 

After all on whose estate are you living on?

Atul Ranchod


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