Longing that burns like magma takes you toward the flame of desire. Where the heat that radiates makes you admire. 

How can passion ever be contained? It is the reason for awakening. So many layers have been put atop that you have been lulled into thinking you are detached from truly living.

This process of discovering your innermost being must have enough force to overcome all the logical explanations of why notIf you think you are going towards your future you are mistaken.

Once you begin to see how many steps were taken to insure everything is coming to your door you can relax. Your preparation is really quite simple. Have you made a little space?

In that emptiness lies the ticket to your fullness. What a gift to be thirsty. Hasn’t it been made abundantly clear by now? Without the thirst, the oceans in all their power are rendered useless. 

The ultimate gift is this thirst. You were born with it. It is truly yours. The question that comes to mind is will you quench that one real thirst or be forever lost in this circus?

What is true for you is ultimately the only litmus test you need. Does your trust emanate from knowing or believing? That is the only question at the crux of the matter. Don’t you want to know before you go?

Atul Ranchod


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