Photosynthesis is taking place all around. A choreographed dance on a minute stage perpetually continues. So much movement going on along with all the external elements. Germinate growth and decay, continually going on day and night.

Within this micro world to boldly look beyond and make the connection. Coming from this energy which can not be created nor destroyed. How can there be this much care for a little leaf on this tree of life?

How can I thank you? You opened the door to know my core. My roots are imbedded in your heart. Your gift was just a seed. 

But this love from which my joy emanates is from the shores of your grace. My only effort is to pay attention to this manifestation residing in me. 

How can it be that it is within me? Very simply put you are the extension of my heart’s deepest yearning. 

Whilst this leaf is a part of this tree, I’m completely free. 

You have given me a gift that is completely new each and every moment. I celebrate this connection to you. 

Such a beautiful word called love was named after you.

Atul Ranchod


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