True Responsibility

Those duties of this world ebb and flow, like the tide’s unceasing hand.

Within those parameters to find that anchor and to be able to come home. Amidst the noise of this world to strain those ears and listen to the real voice of reason. 

For in your heart’s sanctuary the obligations are perfunctory. Bathe in the light that emanates from the source of the wellspring from where that most private domain is finally within reach.

This place is precious for you have yearned for it for so long. How to keep in touch with your heart’s voice whilst all the world beckons to you to come outside?

This connection to the living one who has mastered the ancient tongue has blessed your divinity with his presence. For he is truly reflected within and without.

Enjoy then without a doubt, because that’s what living is really about.

 Atul Ranchod


2 thoughts on “True Responsibility

  1. These pieces are truly splendid! I especially love the one about balance.
    I am so glad that you are able to express your spoken words and visual words in unison!!


    • That is the aim of my writing. It is always a pleasure to share the depths of what doesn’t get a chance to be shared in the midst of the day to day hussle and bussle.


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