It wasn’t hidden how could it?

More obvious than the sun in the sky, this magnificent one.The nebulous vapor of the heavens came down to touch this sacred ground.

Breathe in the perfume of air from the fresh rains that brought forth that fragrance which permeated the air. If only for a short time very much a sign to the human being. Enjoy this precious existence before you walk off of this incredible stage.

The skies gleamed in admiration. The mountains stood majestically. The trees bore witness to nature’s infinite possibilities that in this moment appreciation was given rise to a gratitude worthy of being alive.

When the clouds came from the heavens, it’s as if to say for that love which dwells in the heart, there is a magnetic charge. 

What else is there then to gaze with utter admiration? 

For this beauty is but a reflection of the most precious guest within you and me.

Atul Ranchod


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