Two Minutes


What would happen if you took only two minutes in a day and lived them just for you?

Something dynamic would make its way into your life. Whatever the activity to take the time to appreciate and admire any little aspect of your life would carry such a beautiful feeling throughout your day. 

We are whisked from one thing to another and the day is gone without a moment of wonder. Is that really living?

Because of our ideas we live outside the realm to genuinely discover. What follows is the robbery of our most precious possession which takes place on the hour every hour. 

What difference would two minutes make? In the course of one month you would have one hour of gems you collected throughout those days. No formula is needed as to what to do or what to feel. Simply just take two minutes to be real.

Each day you will look forward to your two minutes. Because that time was not robbed from you. If there is such a thing as an enlightened person they simply allow for three minutes instead of two. Wouldn’t that be cool if that could be you? 

What are the implications if you don’t have even two minutes for you? 

Do the doable. What an immense privilege to be able to take that time regardless of your situation. The joy derived in that space can perhaps help you finally win this race.

“If you are alive, find the essence of life, for life is the sort of guest you don’t meet twice.” -Kabir 

If, if, if is the operative word. Whether you are or aren’t only you will ever truly know. So before you go are you going to say I didn’t have two minutes? 

Or would you have found the timeless and render Time itself speechless. Because it could no longer touch you?

                                                                                                                                                                              Atul Ranchod

By the way I took two minutes to see the flower above right here.



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