Take a good look because there is something waiting to be understood.

Why do some notice the clues while others are oblivious? Be consumed by beauty and you will know.

The spectrum of colors in this visual splendor are seamlessly united in you.

Yet look at the amount of detail that changes in the course of a day with that playful sun. You too are blossoming in the wind.

How many fluctuations in this juxtaposition?

The warmth and radiance at the core of your ninety-eight point six being is flexible enough to admire all of nature’s variations. Perhaps our view of language has lulled us into a false sense of understanding. 

How can the word Hibiscus ever relate the beauty that is innate? When it is used to touch those chords that resonate in the heart that is when language is truly an art.

It dawned on me this fine day that nature has no need to persuade. It silently does it’s thing. Why doesn’t it make a big deal whether or not you are real? 

This fauna and floral alcove adrift in space has been under the evolution. Nature’s scepter.

There’s really no reason to think for even a moment that you are separated from this flower. Evolve and uncover.

Countless millennia went into fashioning this sight in front of you. So discover for yourself your own new moment in which you are fully present.

Atul Ranchod


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