The Candle


For so long as this vessel is allowed to feel, what an amazing blessing indeed.

What a gift to be able to turn one’s attention within. To be able to recognize and feel the power that sustains it. 

Dispensing with the judgement and fears which are borrowed from this world, where ignorance reigns.

Responding to a call that can never be lost. It is the beacon of the inner north star. This yearning has made it so for you to find me or me to find you. Either way the connection was made.

Much like a candle rendered useless until your light transformed it. To go from a stagnant object into a vessel that holds the light and illuminates the path within. 

For it is no small gift when the entirety of your radiance was imparted to my existence. 

Your love which comes from a depth I could never comprehend is very much what has been at my core. This has allowed for the discovery of each day I’m allowed to gaze into the gift you have bestowed upon me.

What an amazing privilege to hold this beauty as the impetus of beginning the day. This living understanding grows deeper and permeates this existence down to the cellular.

What a light you have lit that has made my life experience it’s true worth. 

Persistence with such kindness to be the voice that my heart has recognized from so long ago. 

Here today, fresh and new another opportunity to bask in the radiance of the one whose presence is always within. You gave me a key to the palace of palaces.

How can such a gift be given so freely? To experience the highest freedom and know it’s value can never be measured, how else could it be?

This acknowledgement of the power that sustains my existence is my greatest joy.

With the greatest reverence I thank you for such a gift.

                                                                                                                                                                            Atul Ranchod




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