Time oh glorious time. How many rhythms and how many rhymes?

How I’ve misjudged you. You are as malleable as clay, and unbending as steel.


So many things are in your grasp. As far and as wide as the eye can see. 

You have penetrated the seen and the unseen. Your reign is ever supreme.


How little I’ve understood you whilst each second I’m touched by you.

What a game to hold onto youth. You must laugh at man’s foolish pursuit. With so much going on in this universal play, how did you find the time to hold the timeless at bay?


Fortune favors the one who has found the exception in your most unbending ways. I thank you for placing the timeless in me which you have kept secret under lock and key.

As I look into your gaze a smile comes over my face. For although we are inextricably intertwined, You have made an exception for the Divine.


Within this mortal coil I’ve unlocked the secret to my heart’s truest endeavor. How to thank the one who made the impossible possible? 

For you see, he gave me the key To my own forever.

                                                                                          Atul Ranchod


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