Before Language


Before the advent of language what would have been man’s truest sentiment? Direct contact with the elements without interpretation. 

Experience was the only rule for without it nothing would have evolved. What must it have been like standing under the moonbeam of the night sky? The pinprick diamonds piercing the black velvet. 

Although there must have been his fair share of pain and hunger, a feeling of awe must have been in store at nature’s awesome power. What has changed and still remains the same?

Don’t be fooled by your foolish games.

What worlds wait to be discovered just under the cover? How deep and still can you be to simply admire? For even though you may have seemed to acquire so much to quench your desires. Unclench your grip on this false attire.

Submerge yourself in the untainted lands within the depths of your heart’s vast empire. 

There is a place where language holds no meaning, because it involves your entire being. The feeling which you were born to have is closer than the air you breathe. 

Look again into the mirror, perhaps just a little deeper.

                                                                                                                                                                                  Atul Ranchod



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