Your profession is on loan. Your family is on loan. Your friends are on loan. This very body is on loan. So what do you own? 

Moreover, will there ever be time to answer this question before like the ocean which claims the sandcastles in the night there would be no trace of your very life. Although the proposition seems grim, it is the doorway to something very precious. 

The clue is, when you are home that is what you really own.

The reason the answer can not be put into words is the feeling of home must be renewed each day. There are no short cuts. The judge and jury of this particular situation lies within the deepest center of your being. 

Will you find your home? Just like a grain of sand is forged into a pearl, within your heart of hearts exists your own unique pearl, dormant. 

That is the potential waiting to be awoken.

Only when your heart will be fulfilled, will your coming on this earth have mattered. The laws of time do not apply to what was always mine.

Atul Ranchod


One thought on “Loan

  1. Too bad you hadn’t written this when I was preaching about “being home” a few weeks ago! And while I am unpacking all these boxes of things I “own.” More to go to Goodwill….


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