Into which home


Into which home have you entered?

Amidst the ever changing veil of blue thinly disguising the speckled diamonds. To distances beyond human comprehension. From the earth in its various formations, textures and colors playing with light’s whimsical delight.

Clouds of ingenious design transporting the nectar of life far and wide. The orb in space with its thunderous power and awesome heat held delicately at bay so that you can greet the day.

Ample amounts of foods grown from the rich dirt in colors and flavors which are so palatable.

So simple the design. If one were to grasp the magnitude of a single tree and all the elements that came to be, one would be enamored at the details it took for such a truth to exist. 

All the needs were taken into account. The hunger wasn’t placed without the food. The thirst wasn’t made without water to quench.

Ultimately, it comes down to have you found your home where you belong? 

For among all the magnificence that surrounds the spectacle of life, to reflect on a point where all this beauty emanates. If this is not your most innate of desires? I don’t know what is.

To acknowledge just the intent, that it can be made possible for you to be truly content.

If the water was made for thirst, Why do you doubt that your home must come first? Otherwise your heart will surely burst.

Into whose home have you come?

 Atul Ranchod



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