What can be deciphered from this arrangement? Are there clues here you missed? What is hidden in plain sight? Then if I may, let me shed some light.


Even though you have been consistent in your nature my observations have been tainted. When I was down I could not appreciate your offering. When I was up I lost my humility. Have I really looked at what’s in front of me? What is the connection between you and me?


This olfactory sense and perception of sight most ingeniously crafted to create a relation to your most amazing creation. Collecting the energy from the sun, sparkling with the morning dew exuding a purity through and through.

In the evening within the clutch of darkness, what compassion you change and transform permeating the air with your perfume. 

What can I do? What can I say? Intoxicated by you in every way.


You do not see young or old when each day that nectar touches you. What a start for the sun has kissed you as if you were brand new. Why can’t this be true for me and you?

Admiration of the One who has made all of this possible can sometimes be felt if you were just a little still.

What a connection! This invisible wind linking your beauty into my being.

Oh what a joy I’m just beginning the art of seeing!

Atul Ranchod


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