Misconceptions which have been held for a long time can be detrimental to discovering what each day is offering.

Balance is neither stagnant nor boring. It is not for the seekers or the holy.

We are constantly bombarded by so many variables that it becomes a challenge to discern what is the most important. Living in this world maintaining that focus is no small feat.

Guarding the light with all your might in a world that wants to extinguish your most sincerest desire, that is the makings of this balancing act.

Not from fear or guilt but from a passion to know the real that is when the pieces to the puzzle come together. 

Love is the fulcrum from where this order is built. Dynamic in every way because so many things can make you sway. Even a moment of balance can give you the elation you were made to feel.

Within falling there is also learning. Haven’t those moments of darkness and despair brought character and understanding to the many facets that comprise who you are today?

Kindness is the ocean playing with your sandcastles. Destroy and build. It is the nature of this play. 

Find your focus and nurture your vision. It is such an amazing mission.

Atul Ranchod


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