There are connections to the soul that are open. When called upon they summon forces from the depths of one’s core. 

What lights the flame and nurtures that light is indeed a muse of delight. No longer constrained by only what takes place in the brain, I dare not refrain from the heart’s domain. 

What an incredible dance this is for I am beginning to see you in all I do. All the instruments at my disposal are only tools to allow this emergence to come through.

Standing on my little understanding I’m enamored by your infinite blessing.

What effort is mine when time itself erases both the good and bad much like a powerful  wave playing with specks of sand.

I fear not the absence, for your love is continuously displaying the power of presence. My song is my life in it’s entirety for every aspect was necessary for me to begin to see. What a vista in front of me!

I can finally lighten the grip because you have set me free.

Atul Ranchod


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