Finding true wealth


Why the obsession with accumulation? When at the end disintegration.

The impact on each other’s lives cannot be awarded any type of prize. Those elements of value which are free and in abundance are priceless jewels to adorn your true wealth.

Those that elevate due to their vision are harbingers of life’s miracles.

Yearning is of a gift born from within. Address it and the fruits are yours for the taking. What a tremendous amount of drama found in this life. To have found the door to that abode inside oh my!

Could it be so simple? Yes. Who on earth can traverse that private address within other than yourself? No one. That was the plan.

In your context of the view can you let go and enter the most unique address in the universe? Think about it if the prisoner gets solitary confinement his own mind can drive him insane. And the Buddha sitting also alone but with the company of the One finds his Enlightenment.

Between these two polar opposites to find your niche. The game was programmed such that unless you stop to ponder, it is over before you know it. Preparations were made well in advance of your arrival to this oasis in space.

So are you a King disguised as a beggar or a beggar disguised as a King? Find your path and it doesn’t matter.

Atul Ranchod


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