Remembering and forgetting


Remembering is a blessing. Forgetting is a blessing. What you choose is up to you.

What do we really leave behind? The impact on each other’s souls. Living and being honest within the context of what you are feeling, this is how simplicity flows.

Beyond our likes and dislikes, (in our various personas which we carry in our repertoire), lies a place. It houses your most innate desires.

What an immense privilege to pay homage to the source of joy.

Joy which has never been subject to interpretation.

At first sight this frail being doesn’t seem that special, but look again. You will know a very different domain.

How did Gandhi move a country? Conviction.

How did those great souls throughout history capture the attention of the masses? Conviction.

Their conviction stemmed from a connection to a deep seeded presence. This allowed their expression to manifest.

Whether or not you can move the many, that is not what’s in question.

Will you feel the elation of your conviction in that most precious location? 

The expression which comes from such a place is truly a beautiful sight to see. For that acknowledgement, without the need to persuade, is equivalent to a flower blooming in rhythm with time’s most amazing hand.

The fragrance from such a life permeates the air and is made eternal. Just a whiff of that perfume and you are taken back to the original place where beauty resides.

Atul Ranchod


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