Composition of a kiss.

Air and water combine to create a vacuum. Within that seal, the palpitations begin. The eyes close automatically, and see within. This is just the meeting of the two vessels.

What fire must be deep within, that it cannot be placated by all the goings on? It is a signal, a sign, that has been perfected over time. It is a physical expression of something that can not be put into words.

The blueprint was designed to put into play such a complex equation. Such a beautiful expression!  It is most miraculous to have an understanding of the origins of evolution.

This joining of the lips is beyond the grasp of human intellect. It is in essence something that needs to be felt.

In much the same way, the awesome powers of life’s machinery caress your lips with that ethereal air. What a tremendous act.

Breathe, and be kissed by life itself.

Regardless of time, the kiss of the Divine is occurring each moment in time. In the stillness, deep within, accept the ultimate blessing.

The immortal One ignites the fire which can never be extinguished. It is worthy to quench that deepest of desires.

Aspire friend, to feel Life’s kiss, again and again.

That is in itself, the noblest expression of being human.

Atul Ranchod


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