Living Architecture


What are the textures on your walls?

From angels rising and elevating to capture light’s beaming rays. We are enveloped in our own abyss. There, within the confines of our minds, lies the darkness.

From our depths do we not yearn? Yearn to capture those beams of light whereby we can transcend our usual plight?

Does the processes you’ve undertaken indicate a vintage, or just vinegar? Have the years hardened you with all of the obstacles along this road?

Have the layers of seeing, the new in the old, been discovered by you? Before the inevitable crumbling to dust, not to have experienced a genuine feeling of trust. 

What have you discovered in the textures of your walls?

You won’t find it through the mainstream of the usual rut. Rather, revisit that unique architecture. The secret is hidden between your heart and mind. 

Light infuses with dark.

Which is the spark that allows you to behold this incredible show.

Don’t you see? While this yellow ball, effortlessly, floats by in the sky. It is carving this amazing spectacle of light from every angle.

So too, what a privilege to live a life which corresponds with this passage of time, as it was designed. Wouldn’t it be nice to see this play? To bear witness with your own vision?

Actively participating in its unfolding.

I cannot tire of this tremendous show. This timeless play of light and dark. Now, I accept with all my heart, both my own light and dark.

What is there to fear?

Whilst darkness plays with light both are true to each other’s company.

This duality is the means to find your most single pointed focus.

So celebrate! The darkness is you. Celebrate the light! It is also you.

See then behind this incredibly detailed design. Hone in on it with the skill of sight. Uncover all the gifts that lie in-between the layers of light’s radiance. 

To choose. Oh to choose! Have you grasped the magnitude of this most amazing gift bequeathed unto you?

What a choice has been made possible?  Because I choose you!

So long as this sun continues to shine, everything is a go!

Unlock then, the secrets of the textures of your walls. Complete your story beyond ambiguity.

This, is the possibility!

Atul Ranchod



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