Vanishing Point


Vanishing point in the distance.
Pathway was paved from millennia.
What criteria will ensure the passage will be rewarded with gifts of a different kind?

Rest and ponder. Not about what lies yonder. Each step must be taken.
Where then is the choice hidden?
Nature of this walk is so very simple.
Enjoy each step you have to take.

Weather, night and day, orbiting space. Be still. Listen. The very creaking of the wood was made beautiful.

Forces both visible and invisible have allowed for this path to manifest.
You are the variable. The vanishing point in the distance isn’t coming  this very instance.

Enough time has been widened to truly enjoy the life that was given.
Upon receiving, the giver is beaming.
What can be more eloquent than a heart rendered speechless?

Enjoy this walk. Go hand in hand with your true friend.

Atul Ranchod


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