Small Bird


Of love, what can be said?
Of life, what can be said?
Of being fulfilled, what can be said?


Be still. Listen once again.
Just because nothing can be said, simply alter what you are doing. Because the proof is in the pudding.


You will know for yourself what is real.

Why is there such a vast sky for such a small bird? To soar unencumbered, of course. Those factors have already been taken into account: Barometric pressure, wind, atmosphere, and a built in GPS. This much attention went into the wings of a bird soaring in the heavens.

What of your flight? Have you unleashed your wings? Have you flown in that inner space? Have you tasted the winds of freedom?

Or are you caught in the routine, unaware of your flight? Why do you fear what you were designed for by this very nature.

Are you fully present in this game? Once you have flown, you will never be the same.

Atul Ranchod


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