Reflections on petals


When the skies imbued that celestial blue,
The contrast of those delicate petals

Are given the platform
To show their beauty.

The focal point was given
A delicate sensation.

Could it be then that conviction
Is felt with the same degree of lightness?

When the background
Of your life’s design is set

With your existence
As the prime candidate,

Then you will understand
How the stage has really been set.

Pause and reflect.
Purity of those uncharted lands

Await you.
Cross the threshold

Beyond the mundane.
Because you can.

I am reflected in you.
You are immersed in me.

How can I differentiate this blossoming
From your garden?

Gratitude of the most profound
Has linked me to you all around.

Now the seer and sight
Are on the same plane.

Your magnificence
Is permeating the air.

Breathing is automatic.
Appreciating it is my great privilege.

Now, the story
Is complete.

Atul Ranchod


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