All the untapped treasures, yet to discover, before this game is over.

What an incredible process to have the obvious hidden right in front of you. What gift has been bestowed which requires the same degree of focus, and gentleness, as it did so long ago?

This connection is of an extraordinary benevolence.

It has retained the sensory magic of the fragrance and sight, to truly give one the most genuine experience of the soul’s delight.

Letting go of this identity which is no longer needed, to truly see.

What a magnificent space!

To awaken and feel presence. Just the presence, of this most unique and exquisite flower.

Getting close to the edge of space, (like the astronaut gets closer), to breaking through those final layers.  Then entering the pristine darkness illuminated by non-other.

In much the same way, the grip of judgment and anger are losing their grasp on my heart’s endeavor. What will carry me to the other side is this feeling beyond measure.

When the yearning supersedes the questioning, entering the galaxy within, takes on a different meaning.

All of this was made possible, because you entered my sphere.

What a jubilation!

Knowing that what is truly mine, has been so generously gifted.

Atul Ranchod


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