Fragile Human Being


Oh fragile human being.
What have you seen?

One moment feeling so invincible, the next being brought to your knees- and in varying degrees.

Why is there never a respite from all of this flux? Very clearly, upon your passing, your presence here will disappear like vapor.

Darting through space at a breakneck speed, whirling around on that twenty three degree axis.

Have you pondered how many layers of protection you are granted from that merciless space?

Stratosphere, exosphere, and atmosphere in sync with nature. Breaking down those powerful forces of nature into tiny bite size morsels of air. Sustaining your entire being.

Just like the wind in all it’s forms, you too have secrets. Unlock your own buried treasure to see who you really are.

Age and decay are beautifully crafted. Beckoning to you to know, before this act has ended.

Pay heed.

Billions of years of evolution went in to their design. What an incredibly genius feat of engineering.

Hidden in plain sight, delicate reminders, as if to say, “find the ageless in your own way.”

Could it be Aladdin’s lamp is within each being? Not in your ideas which are so unbecoming.

When one percent controls the wealth of the paper Mache over the ninety-nine it is absurd to think you will win the lottery. Your credentials and four walls don’t really represent you.

All those layers of atmosphere allow a delicate butterfly to flutter. What a sight, in the still of the night, all that protection, invisible to the eye. Your fortress of solitude is where you can get a glimpse of just how Super you really are.

Think for a minute. Your perception of life changes and evolves- as it should.

No need to hide behind another’s understanding. Ignite that fire which fuels your own awakening.

Music embodied within those notes would make the conductor proud. For even though his wand maintains the beat, it is your effort and joy to fully play your song.

You are strongest when you are the most vulnerable.

Just like the monarch, know you are of regal blood. Nature has placed the estate of the Divine within your fragile frame.

The remembrance of that name which has no alphabet letters is your link to the world within.

Just like that invisible matter supporting this floating blue palace, hovering in space. Discover within your heart’s immaculate architecture, your saving grace.

Celebrate in the knowing.

Oh fragile being, you have been granted access to the source of everything.

Atul Ranchod


2 thoughts on “Fragile Human Being

    • That’s just it. If a sprout pushes through to become a tree, so can we. There are many obstacles. But there is something beautiful about the fact that within us a power propels us to become who we really are.


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