What elixir imbues the sun? The synthesis of light reacting to this complex chemical equation is of a seamless play of light and color. What if you could drink the sun? 

Wouldn’t this be the ultimate dance of light? Perhaps amidst all the distractions to find somehow a focus to the great attraction at hand.

Beneath our human skin, we don’t find our spirit.  Where is it? Where then does this feeling reside? Not bound by any of the rules which our tiny minds try to comprehend. This link to the inner realm is of the most sublime.

What if the sun in the sky is merely a reflection of the beauty inside? 

The stage is set. The players are playing there part. This show for you to glow is awaiting only your attention to see and feel life in it’s glory. Why not dispense with the ideas which have only restrained you to know? 

This glimmer in the eye of the one who is one with the sun is a beauty to behold. Drink then the elixir that can awaken you from your slumber.

Be intoxicated by clarity.

The nectar and the thirst are contained in this chalice.
The connection has finally been made.

Cheers! To life!

Now, you truly are, a living human being.

Atul Ranchod


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