Love’s dynamics

Conditions of possession come about from fear. 

What if, to this day, love has alluded you? 

The feeling which love invokes is one of your freedom. It is ready to be fulfilled. Stand still. Be naked. Open your entire being to it’s unfolding. Love will envelope you and you will know. Now you are part of the greatest show.

You will never duplicate it. Because in that timeless moment what else can be felt? Out of tremendous kindness another moment- with a doorway into another universe. Each moment is brand new.

Moments of elation are part of this exhibition.

Your destination is not far away. It is coming to your doorstep. Know this feeling which you carry within you is a gift from the One who loves you.

In that moment when your “whys” fall by the wayside and doubt alienates itself from you, is when the presence of joy will befriend you. 

How dense is this moment? Enough to carry you through the day.

With all the drama and trauma going on in this world, to know beyond a shadow of a doubt. Your being is the perfect receptor to capture the vibration which allowed for time and space to exist.

Empty the cup everyday.

What a privilege. To be open to a feeling which will come on it’s own terms. How can I even say infinite when I can not even fathom the size of the sun?

Within this tiny being awaits a ticket to a prize. A prize beyond the grasp of imagination. Are you ready to claim your prize?

What would this journey have been had your key not unlocked that vault within me. Thank you seems too small a word. With that feeling, without a syllable uttered, I am complete.

For you are closer than the air I breathe.

Atul Ranchod


5 thoughts on “Love’s dynamics

  1. let’s get drunk on love and pour open our secret jeweled heart.
    let’s shimmer on the edge of our own darkness, as we breath in the soul of our personal mystery.
    As the Tigris finally makes love to Euphrates
    let’s surrender our skies to the sea
    let’s stay caught up in this
    for a while.


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