Whose company?

What seeks the company?
The noise? Or the quiet?

To really understand this code written in the terrain of your heart, is no small task.
With all the ideas that abound, will the company you so desperately seek ever be found?

From diet, to exercise. From work, to money. Perhaps the biggest one…mortgage.
Simple twists can change your outlook. Mortgage is on everyone’s mind who has that pressure every month.
Mort= death.

What if we put ten percent of that energy on “liveage?”
After all when all is done at the end of the day, don’t you think there is more to this story then your monotony?

Therefore, it is imperative to seek the depths of your being for the company you are looking for.

Our very idea of ourselves has been tainted for far too long.
We all have vices and patterns that bog us down. How much judgement we’ve imposed on ourselves we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy.

That is not your real company.
That ache deep in your heart to really know and understand the silent incessant one, this is a gift of such magnitude. It leads to the doorway of gratitude.

With each passing day, discover the subtleties of truth’s infinite pallate. Those colors that enable you to enrich your understanding are quite breathtaking. Slowly the image is revealed.

This company you seek is no ordinary one. It is of the one who can get you out of the doldrum.

Atul Ranchod


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