Beauty’s Wind


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Find your balance in the empty space with open vistas yet to be discovered.

What is the code to break to understand beauty? Is beauty taught, or is it inherent?

Just like the ocean’s cool waters don’t give a clue to the blistering heat deep beneath.

You too, have depths within you, which patiently await your presence.

Look at the cool wind you are inhaling. Have you pondered how it propels the engine within? Maintaining a cadence from the beginning.

Invisible, yet undeniably true. The wind that caresses your cheeks is the agent that decides if you are priceless,
or just ubiquitous dust.

Awareness of one’s existence has no place in one’s day to day ongoings. Or does it?

Not sacrifice, which is the assumption which so many carry. What has been sacrificed for you to enjoy this precious time on this amazing stage?

If distractions exist? So does attraction. What attracts you?

What would transpire if beauty were given the reins to this vessel?

Beauty is such an awesome power. It can open your eyes to truly gather. The presents that it offers are beyond measure.

Whilst you are alive, visit those sacred grounds where no text can be found. Just giving your complete attention is all that is required.

Allow yourself to be completely mesmerized by a feeling which is beyond time and space.

Fill your sails with the winds of life. Gratitude is the living link between the sails and the wind.

This most precious space is where the most delicate balance can be felt.

Now the most abundant commodity, can be valued fully. Because there is an acknowledgment given wholeheartedly.

Breathing in. Breathing out.
Now you know, without a doubt.

Atul Ranchod


3 thoughts on “Beauty’s Wind

  1. Despite words being an insignificant measure of this inexpressible expression, your writings are truly worthy and a sheer delight… Exquisite !!


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