Rise and Fall


Photograph by Atul Ranchod

Within the context of a lifetime there is much more to the ultimate rise and fall.

Many segments simultaneously are in play. The kindness lies in the knowing that all stages have a beauty they exude.

Whether in the full bloom or just before or after. It doesn’t matter.
From any given vantage point seeing the continuum enhances the extraction of whatever beauty offers.

Not static but vitally dynamic. Can you assimilate what this photo has to offer? There is a freshness in the flower’s peak as well as it’s demise.

What an enormous gift placed just underneath. View this existence from your own timeless abode.

Become so interwoven into beauty’s womb, that death itself can no longer extricate you from that grip.

Why do those pure hues of yellow transfix your soul to glow?
Because the sun within radiates a light which gives the inner realm the proper exposure to receive the ultimate in nature.

Young or old matters not. Being in touch with that feeling which allows for the deepest of appreciation. Isn’t that really enjoying living?

Understand or not. It matters not. Kindness has put no limits on the depths you can reach to ascend to living a life in sync with beauty’s touch.

Atul Ranchod


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