Maestro’s Touch


Photograph by Atul Ranchod

Foliage of life’s magnificent green in balance with man’s edifice.

If the possibility becomes a reality in one place, what can this mean?

This particular season of Spring is unique in and of its own.

Blooming flowering and unfolding.

In the chambers of your being to be in sync with the energies of those forces governing.

What more can there be for the asking? Look around and see.

Change the filters. Experience your true colors. Know this gift of highest value has been given to you.

What motions in the course of any day can bring down a soul captured in this display?

No need to play by antiquated rules. The ultimate rule breaker has given a gift which defies the laws of physics.

There is still so much of this world to discover. At the root of this lies the access to the maestro’s heart.

Connected not by theory, but in reality. To transform breathing into a magnificent
understanding, this is the nature of his working.

Those elements that you think define who you are, rest assured can be removed like garments worn for far too long.

The link to the knowing is powerful. This is the platform where you can finally let go.

The maestro’s love is, and always will be with you.

To achieve your heart’s ultimate glory. Isn’t this why you embarked on this journey?

Become then, the vessel to capture and transform.
That is the real norm.

Who on earth has given you yours?

Reminding without tiring in the hopes that you will finally know.

No force on earth can change this connection.

It is the essence of creation.

Atul Ranchod


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