Costume Party

Costume party.
All those colors.
Vibrant and vivid.

Underneath nothing.
Not an iota of luster.
Repetitive boredom.

Drenched within.
By the colors of love.
From the ultimate lover.

Vibrant and lucid
Enraptured in awe.
Heart’s ultimate pallate.

Transformation from
Repetition to rhythm.
In sync with this breathe.

You breathe out.
I breathe in.

This is how dependant
I am on your love.

From below to above.
Perpetually changing
from the rays of your love.

Now, at the costume
party I smile.
I see what others can’t
in plain sight.

My heart’s been drenched
by my lover’s heart.
This is the color of divine love.

Atul Ranchod


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