Photograph by Atul Ranchod

Perfect sphere hovering in space.
Reflect the light to usher in hope.

Look again. It’s moving.
Trajectory set in superb mastery.

Whispers of soft white light dancing through the shadows.

Eloquent poetry of masterful light and dark. How was the human designed to be the springboard?

Bathe in the light. It is the source of the seeing. It is where beauty perpetually washes over.

Oh human being!
To be and to hold.

What priceless jewels pass through the passageway of an entire existence?

No story to tell. No legacy to leave. Immersed in an unending play of living.

Perhaps just like the moon, to be able to reflect the grand almighty sun.

Within the subtlety of subdued hues lie hidden clues.

What spectrum lies under the noise of the forces pulling at you?

What focul point can be summoned, to see once again?

To become entranced with beauty’s unending unfolding. What force in the universe can pull apart such an attraction?

The sun and moon are both within. Light and shadow in constant motion.

Be still. Focus. Let the living light bathe you. There’s an exquisite beauty awaiting within.

What can be said of such a stage? Look around and inside. The signs are everywhere.

When the acceptance of the most precious outweighs the problems of the day, the timeless comes out to play.

Atul Ranchod


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