Nocturnal Illumination


Photograph courtesy of 3D visual architecture

So much made perfect to capture those beams of light.

Even in the caverns of darkness light finds its radiance.

What a magnificent moon!

Illuminating the nocturnal without disturbing the darkness. 

Is that not kindness? 

So much awe at the power and subtlety of the radiant one.

To feel the glow of light all through the night. I am here.


Reassuring to know with all the people that come and go in a life.

The acknowledgment of the radiant one warms and illuminates the caverns deep within.

How grateful then, for I am seeing you.

Glorious radiant one
outside and inside.

Just like the sun and the moon.

Blessed to be living in such a magnificent palace of light!

Atul Ranchod


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