Photograph by Atul Ranchod

Those pressures that mount day and night incessant in their plight.

From young to old they attempt to mold.

Weak in so many areas.
But strength that lay dormant comes out in certain criteria.

What of passion?
What of love?
What of that feeling that comes from above?

Although, physically you are not with me, the radiance of your heart’s reach, touches me.

Running madly to keep up with this dream, I am swept away to the abode, where I belong.

What an amazing display.
The permanence of the real so seamlessly woven together with the illusion.

Not abstract by any means.
Look from your ears and hear from your eyes. Make the connection.

Don’t be distracted by habitual madness.

Awaken to truly living,
which is imbedded in lightness.

Although I’m so far from truly accepting one single breath,

my longing to know what you really have to show, makes my heart aglow.

Fervor, passion, love, gifts from those primordial seas.

Evolving over millinea, so that in this time I can truly be near you.

With the highest reverence,
I breath this air.

Knowing, the secret of secrets, is hidden somewhere in there.

Atul Ranchod


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