Inner or Outer

Old and decrepit.
Faculties failing.

Aches and pains.
Decline imminent.

Taken for granted.
Nature’s course.

Potbelly and wrinkles.
Clinging vanity.

Makeup and appearance
cannot mask.

Learning dissipating quickly.
What’s understood?

What’s your connection?
Inner or outer?

Rays of sunlight.
Brand new.

Old and young
breathe anew.

Ageless in you
doesn’t mind.

Eternity is now.
Always here.

Feeling beyond words.
Gratitude works.

Time granting space.
Focused perspective.

Gift of gifts.
Consciousness connected.

Energy harnessed alas.
Unwavering guidance.

Independently dependant one.
Feeling depth.

Aged or ageless.
Both true.

Make your choice.
Human being.

Atul Ranchod


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