Subtle Kiss


Photograph by Atul Ranchod

If the clouds can play
with the mountains
caressing them with
soft whispers?

What of the hardness
that has gripped you
in living in this world?

Can there really be a power
to this breath to caress
the soft and vulnerable
side deep within?

The invisible
element surrounding
your entire being.
Coming and going.

Stop and breathe.

Just allow the
endless chatter
to subside
for a minute.

Your being
is all that is required.
Feel and acknowledge.

Beyond your circumstance,
age, success and failure.

Could the sustenance
for your soul’s endeavor
be within the vibrations
of the air you breathe?

Then reunite
with the ultimate lover.
Feel the kiss
that can appease
your heart’s deepest fire.

Without fear and guilt,
be naked to the real you.

Even if to this day,
you haven’t recognized
the image in the mirror,

just the longing to know,
can make your heart glow.

How fortunate
to know the one
with countless matches
who will never let
this flame blow out.

What’s at stake?

It is the story of this heart
to be fulfilled on this stage,
at this time.

Atul Ranchod


2 thoughts on “Subtle Kiss

  1. Thank you! I needed this. 🙂
    It is so important to recognize the gift it is , to just be.
    Love resides in each, present breath.




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