Conversation with the Sun


Photograph courtesy of

You didn’t have to shine today.
For billions of years more exacting

Then a surgeon’s scalpel,
You bathed this planet

With your light, day and night.
Paths that criss cross this wobbly blue,

In pinpoint precision
Each and every day.

Now I realize, how could I
Have taken for granted

Such an awesome power,
Such as you?

Morning light so different
In nature from the evening.

Ever so gently
You make your entrance.

Quietly, you go about gleaming.
As obvious as you are,

How can you be hidden?
Creating displays of light

Which rise and crescendo
Into magnificent colors.

Integrated with those whimsical clouds,
Only to dissipate so you can recreate.

You are so powerful.
Yet so gracious.

So it is with the One that reminds
Of the most obvious.

Steady as the north star.
You don’t have to.

How could I have taken you for granted?
This is the magnanimous nature

Of your presence.

You have rendered me speechless.
Because you have shown me

The sun that radiates from within
The confines of the chambers

Of my heart.
You don’t have to.

This perhaps,
Is the fundamental difference.

To appreciate the sun
And light it brings is

Something you want to.
The realm of living and of love

Is born from the deepest
Act of volition.

The artistry involved to create
Choice is so elegantly simple.

It takes a lifetime to unravel
Its nature beneath

All the superfluous noise
Of this world.

Being alive is one thing.
Choosing to feel alive is

Altogether a different arena.
When I rise in the morning

A smile comes over my face.
Because I’m so grateful you shine.

Oh illustrious one!
When it is so abundantly clear,

You don’t have to.

Atul Ranchod


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