Photograph by Atul Ranchod

What lightening throws
This asymmetry into
A balancing act?

What shapes space?
The combination of
Positive and negative

Are so inextricably woven.
It takes an eye to truly see.
Going through those arches

Down this incredible
Corridor of life.
What is the underlying current

That brings the electricity
Of being alive to life?
Every step of the way,

Whether good or bad,
So much beauty in and around.
Free for the taking.

Priceless in the accepting.
The air coming into you is cool.
What wattage has allowed it

To transform to a steady
Ninety-eight point six?
Arise. Ignite. Be alive.

This brief magnetism
Passing through you is
The apex of existence.

Isn’t it obvious?
Nothing on earth
Can top being alive.

With all the things happening
In our lives, to distinguish
This most critical detail,

And hold it dearest to oneself.
This is the grandest privilege.
So let the lightening flow within.

Snap out of the slumber.
Awaken once again to the
Beauty of yet another day.

Experience the power
Of life itself.

Atul Ranchod


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