Believing or Knowing


Photograph by Atul Ranchod

Caterpillar to butterfly
Impossible or a miracle?

Grey and slimy
attached to the dirt.
Slow and cumbersome.

Weighed down by gravity.
Nothing of attracting beauty.

What could possibly be the perspective of this lowly creature with no discernable features?

As nature would have it,
displaying transformation
to the human creation
in hopes of inspiring
an internal revelation.

This caterpillar weaves a cocoon
to leave the former
for an unrecognizable latter.

Thin parchment with calligraphy
of the most sublime.

Black and orange.
Such amazing design.

Fluttering through the garden.

Can the transformation be so
for a human being going
from believing to knowing?

What truly is
the human signature
on the canvas of this great blue?

Beyond the carbon footprint, recycling and playing with varied multicolored flags, as if they have magical capabilities of changing the obvious.

We are first and foremost, human beings.

Beyond the causes and wars, the fighting caused by ignorance and greed.
Beyond the cycle of birth and death.

The truest signature of a human being in the garden of this solar system is the playful divinity of each and every breath.

As delicate the wings
of a butterfly, so to the cosmic wind flowing right through you.

Decipher your own understanding.
So that you can go about
the business of living.

You aren’t what you do.
You are.
And isn’t that amazing!

Atul Ranchod


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