Heart to Heart


Photograph by Atul Ranchod

Have you really looked at me?
So many gifts I give to thee.

Each leaf on its own,
Has a story uniquely sewn.

Just like moments
In your life,

Are perfectly aligned
To your time.

When the summation of
All the factors seen and unseen,

Come together.
You see in front of you,

A heart full
Of gratitude.

Passers-by too busy
Running errands can not see me.

Although I have
Nowhere to hide.

Just a glance,
That fleeting moment,

A fraction of time,
And recognition.

If during the day
Love finds its way

Into your space?
No different are we.

The sculptor’s hand
Constantly grooming.

Creating artistic renditions
Through me.

Yes I’m busy.
Just like you.

Taking care of
The normal responsibilities

Of maintaining this
complex system in harmony.

Countless arteries
traveling throughout.

From trunk to branch
To each tiny leaf.

But what a focus!

When my entire shape
Is a heart,

Is that not
The greatest art?

In all your doings
From morning to night,

With all your
Responsibilities and duties.

Feel this power,
Which has molded you.

Acknowledge this time.
The greatest gift.

Which so easily comes and goes
From right under your nose.

That power hasn’t
Left you for a microsecond.

With all your faculties intact,
What would happen

If you could truly
Appreciate that?

Regardless of all
Your busyness,

A moment’s awareness
Can take you to where love is.

Just like right now,
When you step back,

How clearly
Can you see me?

Step inside your own heart.
So you can truly be.

Through great kindness
This link exists.

Between you and me.
Feel the freedom.

From one heart to another.

Atul Ranchod


2 thoughts on “Heart to Heart

  1. There’s something about trees that just calls to me… So this writing and photograph paired is a true delight… The similes you draw between the tree and the human are exquisite .. Delight to read!


  2. Atul, so very true… We are all so busy not taking time to enjoy the beauty everyday brings. Your words are touching to heart and soul. Thank you!


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