By The Numbers


One. Thousand. Million.
Perception versus reality.
Our method of thinking
Which is very much

In line with accumulation
Needs a serious evaluation.
We judge so much
By the wealth of money.

Only to find out
In the end we have to
Let it all go.
Why then do we not

Understand when this
Particular game,
Has been played
Over and over again?

How do the same numbers
Work together
In nature’s
Immaculate symphony?

Jupiter can fit
A thousand earths.
Jupiter is the giant
Protector of our blue marble.

Absorbing most of the
Deadly projectiles
Which would most certainly
Spell our sudden demise.

Look in the sky.
It’s just a dot.
With no ego
To support.

The sun can
Assimilate more than
A million earths.
Such is its girth.

The sun is a force
Of power beyond imagining.
Yet in the distance
No bigger than a quarter.

But if you look
At the spacing,
You will discover
Something amazing.

Humility it seems
Is nature’s default.
In the course of
A lifetime,

How many instances
Compel a being to feel,
How truly amazing
It really is,

Just to be
How kind is nature?
It even granted

The gift of ego
To this tiny creature.
Perhaps by reflecting
In those inner heavens,

We can uncover
Our true spacing.
Finally the inner and outer
Can be in balance.

Thereby resolving the most
Basic equation.
Now that, is worthy
Of a celebration!

Atul Ranchod


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