Balancing Air


Photograph by Atul Ranchod

Towering high.
Block by block.
Consciousness takes awareness.
Balance integral.

What powers
Can truly exemplify
The precarious nature
Of existence?

From those elements in tune.
Is there a harmonic resonance?
Fine tune the senses
Listen in on your oasis.

Remove the film of
Years of accumulation.
This reality is far superior
Than any imagination.

Soaring high.
Gravity itself smiles.

Recognition of the value
Of this ephemeral air
Can most certainly
Take you there.

The entirety of a being composed of this Power from the very beginning.
What happens at the threshold?

Leap into the vast inner cosmos.
Your ticket there is
This most ancient wind.

Without interpretation.
Present. Being. Living.
Has invited you
To know the timeless.

Opportunity of such magnitude cannot be Overlooked.
When every fiber of who you are seeks to be fulfilled.

The answers to these questions can never be written.

What is balance?
What is acceptance?
What is acknowledgment?

This yearning brings one
The truest learning.

Regardless of the costumes
On the exterior,
What tremendous exaltation
Lies within the interior.

Ever expanding.
Fresh and new.
Alive with vibrancy.

Balance is the bridge
To know the timeless indeed!

Atul Ranchod


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