The Beholder is in the Eye of Beauty


Intricate design.
Ornamentality sound.
Richness of color.

Or duality? Which one?
Beauty can confront.

Where is the focus?
Piercing eyes, unrelenting.
Challenging in fact.

There is no escape.
That gaze catching you off guard.
Imagine you, maskless.

What is this image?
But a reflection within.
Is it possible?

So easy to say.
Entertain for a minute.
This is your mission.

Have you seen yourself?
What vision can awaken
The reality of you?

What invitation!
Depending on you, how deep?
See without fear.

Cross the threshold then.
Beyond your invented world.
With sincere focus.

From surface to core.
Catalysts galore. Connect.
There are no limits!

Atul Ranchod


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