Diwali’s Essence


Of lights that pierce that dark night,
Deep within the caverns of mankind.

Illuminating those neglected lands.
From whence the thrust to know began.

Ignorance, which has ruled
Supreme for many a day,

Must be fought
Beyond the usual way.

Radiance, illumination, clarity.
How can this bond
Be between you and me?

You lit my lamp so long ago. Never tiring to Remind to keep the flame aglow.

Love’s fire born from
The depths of your boundless heart,

Shedding kindness
On this amazing art.

Kindling this fire each and every day
Is the greatest honor
To come my way.

In this light I have found my beloved.

Then shine and be free.
It is the essence of Diwali!

Atul Ranchod


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