Untarnished Breath


Photograph by Atul Ranchod

Regret has left me.
Pain no longer
Seeks my company.

Humbled in front of you.
In the middle of the chaos
You still find me.

If this untarnished breath
Is my link to you,
Breathe me so I can see.

When within each cell
You have been,
From beginning to now.

How can doubt
Ever come between us?
So many concepts this world

Has led me to believe.
Your light has never diminished.
Constant, from start to finish.

Your presence has
Made my life complete.
I don’t have the words

To express what you mean to me.
Emperors and gods envy me.
By the ultimate grace

You have accepted me.
Squeeze every drop
Of love out of me.

Living this life without you
Is equivalent to
The earth without the sun.

This connection which
Even death dare not touch
Is the most sacred love.

I am. You are.
In that is all
That needs to be.

You are the personification
Of the deepest longing
Of my heart’s essence.

Patience and kindness
Beyond compare.
I Cross this threshold

To be with you there.
Awestruck that I
Have been granted

The ultimate privilege.
To be showered
By your grace

In this most
Sacred inner space.
To be filled.

To feel.
To know.
Beyond a shadow.

Every atom in my being
Is at love’s beckoning.
The highest testimony

To living!

Atul Ranchod


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